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Air Dryer

Elevate Your Truck's Performance with Sampa's Air Dryer Solution! Designed for top-notch quality and reliability, our air dryers keep your truck running smoothly by efficiently removing moisture from the air system. Choose Sampa, the trusted brand of trucking professionals worldwide.

Air Spring

When it comes to reliability and durability on the road, Sampa's air springs are the top choice for trucking professionals. Engineered with precision and built to last, our air springs offer exceptional quality and performance.

Brake Caliper

Rev Up Your Truck's Safety with Sampa's Brake Calipers! Precision-engineered for reliability and performance, our brake calipers ensure responsive braking, keeping you safe on the road.

Brake Drum

Upgrade Your Truck's Braking Power with Sampa's Brake Discs! Meticulously designed for durability and performance, our brake discs deliver reliable stopping power, ensuring safer travels on the road.

Cab Tilt Cylinder

Expertly crafted for durability and precision, our cab tilt cylinders provide seamless control, simplifying cab adjustments

Clutch Fork

Optimize Your Truck's Transmission with Sampa's Clutch Forks! Engineered for durability and precision, our clutch forks ensure seamless engagement, enhancing your truck's shifting performance.

Drag Link

Steer with Confidence Using Sampa's Drag Links! Crafted for precision and durability, our drag links guarantee responsive steering, enhancing control on the road.

Leaf Spring

Upgrade your truck's ride with Sampa's elite Leaf Springs! Engineered for ultimate comfort and lasting durability, our leaf springs ensure a smooth, dependable journey, even under heavy loads. Sampa, the choice of trucking pros worldwide.

Oil Filter

Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly with Sampa's Oil Filters! Engineered for exceptional performance and longevity, our oil filters efficiently clean your engine oil, ensuring seamless operation mile after mile.

Shock Absorber

Smooth Out Your Truck's Ride with Sampa's Shock Absorbers! Engineered for durability and superior performance, our shock absorbers ensure a comfortable and stable journey, no matter the road conditions.

Torque Rod

Empower Your Steering with Sampa's Superior Drag Links! Meticulously engineered for enduring toughness and precision, our drag links provide unrivaled control, making every maneuver a breeze.

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